What is the age of the Earth?

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How Old is the Earth?

By Early Modern English , many nouns were capitalized, and the earth became and often remained the Earth, particularly when referenced along with other heavenly bodies. More recently, the name is sometimes simply given as Earth, by analogy with the names of the other planets. Oxford spelling recognizes the lowercase form as the most common, with the capitalized form an acceptable variant.

Another convention capitalizes “Earth” when appearing as a name e.

dating the onset of metamorphic heating of OC parent bodies. A discrepancy in ages between Hf^ W [Lee and Halliday, Science () ^] and Pb^ Pb [Go«pel et al., Earth Planet.

Context[ change change source ] The Earth’s relatively large natural satellite , the Moon , is unique. The Moon has a bulk composition closely resembling the Earth’s mantle and crust together, without the Earth’s core. This has led to the giant impact hypothesis: Theia collided with Earth about 4. This material would eventually form the Moon.

However, the metallic cores of the impactor would have sunk through the Earth’s mantle to fuse with the Earth’s core, depleting the Moon of metallic material. Under the influence of its own gravity, the ejected material became a more spherical body: The radiometric ages show the Earth existed already for at least 10 million years before the impact, enough time to allow for differentiation of the Earth’s primitive mantle and core.

Then, when the impact occurred, only material from the mantle was ejected, leaving the Earth’s core of heavy elements untouched.

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Reconstitution of contractile FtsZ rings in liposomes. Science , Template-directed synthesis of a genetic polymer in a model protocell.

Lily, Lindy M. Zart Underwater Homes, Therese Hopkins Bulgarian Horrors and the Question of the East (), William Ewart Gladstone By Stroke of Sword – A Romance Taken from the Chronicles of Sir Jeremy Clephane (), Jeremy Clephane, Judas Fraser, Andrew Balfour.

Ancient rift valleys — closeup artist’s concept Impacts by meteorites and comets are the only abrupt geologic force acting on the Moon today, though the variation of Earth tides on the scale of the Lunar anomalistic month causes small variations in stresses. For example, the crater Copernicus , which has a depth of 3. The Apollo 17 mission landed in an area in which the material coming from the crater Tycho might have been sampled. The study of these rocks seem to indicate that this crater could have formed million years ago, though this is debatable as well.

The surface has also experienced space weathering due to high energy particles, solar wind implantation, and micrometeorite impacts. This process causes the ray systems associated with young craters to darken until it matches the albedo of the surrounding surface. However, if the composition of the ray is different from the underlying crustal materials as might occur when a “highland” ray is emplaced on the mare , the ray could be visible for much longer times.

After resumption of Lunar exploration in the s, it was discovered there are scarps across the globe that are caused by the contraction due to cooling of the Moon. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. August Main article: Lunar geologic timescale On the top of the lunar stratigraphical sequence rayed impact craters can be found. Such youngest craters belong to the Copernican unit.

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They picked compositionally distinct fractions from three chondrules that were combined and regressed to define an average Pb isotopic composition of all fractions. They obtained an absolute age of However, Brennecka et al.

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Hf—W isotopes provide unique constraints on conditions of Earth’s core formation. Abstract Earth’s core formation set the initial compositions of the core and mantle. Various aspects of core formation, such as the degree of metal—silicate equilibration, oxygen fugacity, and depth of equilibration, have significant consequences for the resulting compositions, yet are poorly constrained. The Hf—W isotopic system can provide unique constraints on these aspects relative to other geochemical or geophysical methods.

Here we model the Hf—W isotopic evolution of the Earth, improving over previous studies by combining a large number of N-body simulations of planetary accretion with a core formation model that includes self-consistent evolution of oxygen fugacity and a partition coefficient of tungsten that evolves with changing pressure, temperature, composition, and oxygen fugacity. There are strong tradeoffs between the effects of k, equilibrating silicate mass, depth of equilibration, and timing of core formation, so the terrestrial Hf—W isotopic system should be interpreted with caution when used as a chronometer of Earth’s core formation.

Because of these strong tradeoffs, the Earth’s tungsten anomaly can be reproduced for Moon-forming impact timescales spanning at least 10— Ma. Early Moon formation ages require a higher degree of metal—silicate equilibration to produce Earth’s W anomaly. Previous article in issue.

Giant impact hypothesis

According to the Standard Model, neutrons and protons are each composed of three quarks; a neutron consists of 1 up-quark with 2 down-quarks udd , whereas a proton consists of 2 up-quarks with 1 down-quark uud. The strong nuclear force binds quarks together because quarks have color charge. This attractive force opposes the repulsive electrical forces of the protons within the atomic nucleus. The valley of beta-stability is the locus along which the attractive forces acting on quarks within the nucleons are optimised against the repulsive electrical forces of the positively-charged protons.

For Hf-W dating, the absolute Hf-W age of A88 zircon becomes +/ Ma (1-sigma; Fig. 2) with the estimated RSF, which is determined from the analyzed data .

Isotopic data for the Hf W system with a Hf half-life of approximately 9 Myr can be interpreted in such a way that the core was formed 34 Myr after the origin of the solar system assuming complete core-mantle equilibrium. Similar estimates on the basis of the U-Pb isotopic system suggest a significantly longer mean time of core formation of approximately Myr. The discrepancy between the U-Pb and Hf-W systems can be resolved assuming prolonged differentiation of prototerrestrial material into silicate and metallic phases, which occurred not simultaneously and uniformly in different parts of the mantle.

This resulted in the isotopic heterogeneity of the mantle, and its subsequent isotopic homogenization occurred slowly. Under such conditions, the mean isotopic compositions of W and Pb in the mantle do not correspond to the mean time of the separation of silicate and metallic phases. This is related to the fact that the exponential function of radioactive decay is strongly nonlinear at high values of the argument, and its mean value does not correspond to the mean value of the function.

There are compelling reasons to believe that the early mantle was heterogeneous with respect to W isotopic composition and was subsequently homogenized by convective mixing. This follows from the fact that the lifetime of isotopic heterogeneities in the mantle is close to 1. There is also no equilibrium between the mantle and the core with respect to the contents of siderophile elements.

Because of this, the mean isotopic ratios of W and Pb cannot be used for the direct computation of the time of metal-silicate differentiation in the Earth. Such estimation requires more sophisticated models accounting for the duration of the differentiation process using several isotope pairs. Given the prolonged core formation, which has probably continued up to now, the question about its age becomes ambiguous, and only the most probable growth rate of the core can be estimated.

These model estimates could have been realistic under the condition of complete disequilibrium between the silicate and metallic phases, which is as improbable as the suggestion of complete equilibrium between them on the whole Earth scale.

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How Old is the Earth? Because of the recycling of crustal rocks by plate tectonics, no direct material from the earliest Earth still exists. However, geologists are able to analyze meteorites and lunar rocks returned by the Apollo missions.

Recent high precision dating using Hf–W and Al–Mg chronometry has shown that some differentiated meteorite groups do in fact predate formation of chondrites. Beside CAIs, some groups of magmatic iron meteorites that represent the cores of differentiated asteroids have been shown to.

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Nuclear systematics 4 Figures 1. Atomic weights of the elements c. Binding energy of the nucleus d. Nuclear stability and abundance 1.

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Chondrules from H chondrites formed 1. A similar timescale is obtained for the high-temperature metamorphic evolution of the H chondrite parent body. Thermal modeling combined with these age constraints reveals that the different thermal histories of meteorite parent bodies primarily reflect their initial abundance of 26Al, which is determined by their accretion age.

Impact-related processes were important in the subsequent evolution of asteroids but do not appear to have induced large-scale melting. Likewise, the Hf—W systematics of some non-magmatic iron meteorites were modified by impact-related processes but the timing of this event s remains poorly constrained. The strong fractionation of lithophile Hf from siderophile W during core formation makes the Hf—W system an ideal chronometer for this major differentiation event.

accurate dating precisely linked to the particular proc-esses of ESS evolution. Modern ESS chronology is based on the studies of three groups of materials: 1) a relatively small number.

Full citation Abstract AbstractWe obtained Hf—W metal-silicate isochrons for several H chondrites of petrologic types 4, 5, and 6 to constrain the accretion and high-temperature thermal history of the H chondrite parent body. Owing to these high closure temperatures, the Hf—W system closed early and dates processes associated with the earliest evolution of the H chondrite parent body.

Marguerite was not reset and most likely dates chondrule formation. Combined with previously published chronological data the Hf—W ages reveal an inverse correlation of cooling rate and metamorphic grade: These Hf—W age constraints are most consistent with an onion-shell structure of the H chondrite parent body that was heated internally by energy released from 26Al decay. Parent body accretion started after chondrule formation at 1.

The well-preserved cooling curves for the H chondrites studied here indicate that these samples derive from a part of the H chondrite parent body that remained largely unaffected by impact disruption and reassembly but such processes might have been important in other areas.

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