‘This is amazing’: Cyclists turn out to remember Jason Lowndes

Cycling England, an agency funded by the Transport Department, wants the civil law to be changed so drivers or their insurers would automatically be liable for compensation claims. The Cycling England agency wants the most powerful vehicle involved in a crash automatically liable for compensation or insurance claims file picture It comes after ministers suggested allowing cyclists to ride the wrong way down one-way streets in an attempt to encourage more people to switch to two wheels. The proposal by Cycling England is modelled on regulations in the Netherlands, Denmark, and Germany, which are heavily skewed in favour of cyclists. Even in cases where a crash results from illegal or dangerous manoeuvres by the cyclist, the motorist is usually blamed. The motorist is always legally responsible for any crash involving a child or elderly cyclist, even if they are cycling in the wrong direction, ignoring traffic signals, or otherwise flouting traffic regulations. Now cyclists’ groups want similar measures included in the Government’s forthcoming National Cycling Plan and Active Transport Strategy.

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This nature reserve gives us a good idea of what the Rhine area looked like before its banks were developed by Man. Nature reserve of the Offendorf forest Located on a former Rhine gravel bank, the nature reserve protects 60 hectares of alluvial forest. The whole of the natural site, deprived since of the Rhine’s floods and their contributions in nutritious sediment, is flooded, at the start of the summer, by the rising of the water table during the period of the Rhine’s high waters.

Gigantic trees, mysterious reed beds and a large variety of water birds make up the attractions of this Alsace jungle.

London cyclists too white, male and middle class, says capital’s cycling chief in vow to tackle diversity ‘problem’ Will Norman promises action as figures show black, Asian and minority ethnic.

The ‘basta buche’ enough holes appeal was launched by mother Graziella Viviano, whose year-old daughter died in a motorcycle accident Viviano says was caused by the poor road conditions. On social media and in an open letter published in the Corriere della Sera , she called on people to use spray paint to draw attention to hazards such as potholes and tree roots — both to alert road users to potential dangers and to push city authorities to act.

Viviano sprays and marks with an ‘E’ the pothole which she says was responsible for her daughter Elena’s death. Since her appeal, dozens of images of people painting the potholes have been shared on social media. The below image was shared on Facebook by Luciano Benedetti, who said he had previously fallen into the same pothole while on his own bike. Luciano Benedetti “This yellow [paint] is not just an act of civility In a Facebook Live video responding to locals’ questions, Rome mayor Virginia Raggi said the city had finished mapping the roads, but that fixing the potholes would involve “often very long procedures”.

For cyclists, danger lurks round every corner

Ignoring traffic signals red light, orange light, etc 2. Riding in pedestrian only areas 4. Riding in the incorrect traffic lane 5. Entry into the railroad crossing when the barrier is down 7.

Cyclists were prevalent in the centre of the city, and what immediately struck me, beyond the dense, fast-moving traffic they were attempting to navigate, was the rapid speed they were cycling at.

Road bicycle racing Road bicycle racing involve both team and individual competition, and races are contested in various ways. They range from the one-day road race, criterium , and time trial to multi-stage events like the Tour de France and its sister events which make up cycling’s Grand Tours. The races typically take place from spring through to autumn. Many riders from the northern hemisphere spend the winter in countries such as Australia, to compete or train.

Criteriums are the most popular form of road racing in North America. As well as road races in which all riders start simultaneously, individual time trial and team time trial events are also held on road-based courses. Track cycling[ edit ] Track cycling encompasses races that take place on banked tracks or velodromes.

Events are quite diverse and can range from individual and team pursuits, two-man sprints, to various group and mass start races. Competitors use track bicycles which do not have brakes or freewheels. Cyclo-cross[ edit ] Cyclo-cross originated as a sport for road racers during the off season, to vary their training during the cold months. Races for senior categories are generally between 30 minutes and an hour long, the distance varying depending on the conditions.

The sport is strongest in traditional road cycling countries such as Belgium Flanders in particular and France.

Progressive Training for Cyclists: Scientific Support for the Base, Build, Specialty Cycle

Supplied The social ride around the Australian road championships circuit at Buninyong comes a fortnight after Lowndes’ tragic death. The year-old was hit by a car on a training ride near Bendigo while preparing for this week’s nationals. His parents Graeme and Trudie were at Thursday morning’s ride, which pro rider Brenton Jones helped organise. Fellow top Australians such as Cameron Meyer also were at the start of the ride to show their support.

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Do you have a secret to riding well? I actually hate competition. The inaugural TCR was my first experience with ultra racing, but to me it was just a ride. I ride my own ride. I listen to my body. During the Indy Pac, I was only sleeping about an hour a night, and I started seeing strange animals on the road and hearing strange noises. Everything went into slow motion, and I wondered what was reality. I eat a lot of ice cream—ten to 12 bars a day is pretty standard.

What were one or two of your favorite rides? Some of my favorite rides have been close to home.

After Nicky Hayden’s death, Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo reconsiders cycling on roads

Europe right-hand traffic ; in the UK a similar sign, with the arrows reversed, is used at mini roundabouts. The US and Canada right-hand traffic ; a similar sign is used in Ireland with directions reversed. UK left-hand traffic Australia and New Zealand left-hand traffic A “modern roundabout” is a type of looping junction in which road traffic travels in one direction around a central island and priority is given to the circulating flow.

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Wednesday 18 October A survey of more than 2, people found almost two-thirds 59 per cent backed the introduction of number plates for cyclists. In Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne said cyclists should have the same identification as drivers so they can be prosecuted for jumping red lights. A change in the law would be required for number plates to become mandatory on bicycles, as the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act only provides for the registration of mechanically propelled vehicles.

Sam Jones, Cycling UK campaigner, said: On a practical level, cycles change owners very frequently and are more likely to belong to children than to adults, unlike motor vehicles. Rather than encouraging people to cycle, and bring all the associated health and wealth benefits, it is more than likely to put newcomers or occasional cyclists off cycling altogether.

A Halfords spokesperson said: It was scrapped due to its high cost and administrative burden, and the fact that 90 per cent of cyclists were found to already be covered by private liability insurance. Japan has a compulsory registration system in place for bicycles that is meant to deter bike theft and make it easier for stolen bikes to be reunited with their owners.

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It is located right in the centre of Scandinavia and has a rich history of trade and shipping and its port remains the largest in the region. Hvide Sande, Denmark There are many attractions in the Hvide Sande area, from the tall dunes that separate the fjord from the sea to surfing and a tour of the local whisky distillery. The nearby Skerne Enge national park is located on the delta of the Skerne River which can be crossed using small cable-boat crossings.

A little bit further on you will find the Tipperne Peninsula which is the largest bird habitat in Northern Europe. Photo by Debbie L.

Electric bicycles are riding up in popularity, keeping some boomers on the cycling paths who might otherwise have abandoned two-wheel life. E-bikes are equipped with small, battery-operated motors that can make the ride less strenuous, although with many, cyclists still must do at least some pedaling.

Named Project , the privately planned arena has excited the imaginations of cyclists, who believe a state-of-the-art, meter bike track would become a top U. Those improvements are being offered as compensation for occupying the site in FDR Park, a rolling acre landscape that includes ball fields, tennis courts, and a golf course. Scheuermann, an architect at the Sheward Partnership and a member of Project ‘s development team.

Sheward produced the eye-catching design. Smaller in area than the former Spectrum, it would feature a parabolic roof rising to 55 feet. While four acres in such a large park may not sound like a lot, giving away public parkland to a private, for-profit venture would set a major precedent in Philadelphia, said Lauren Bornfriend, who heads the Philadelphia Parks Alliance, a public space advocacy group.

The transfer is sure to be a charged issue. Project will have to clear a series of procedural hurdles, starting with a presentation to the Parks and Recreation Commission on Dec. The outcome will almost certainly hinge on how accessible the velodrome will be to the public. Because bike racing alone will not be enough to cover operating costs, Project ‘s organizers are designing the 6, seat arena to accommodate other moneymaking events, including rock concerts and tennis and volleyball matches.

In a statement, Bornfriend wrote that there is “a lot of work to do to determine if the community and environmental investment proposed by the developers. Senechal, an executive at a private equity firm who is on the Project team, insisted that the frequency of events would be limited to ensure that the public could use velodrome facilities 80 percent of the time, at little or no cost. Project already has cut a deal with the Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia to provide a dedicated classroom for Cadence Youth Cycling, which offers free racing instruction to low-income teens.

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The myth around cyclists riding single file by Shannon Molloy 0 There’s little love lost between most motorists and cyclists in Australia, and drivers have a long list of gripes about how some riders behave. A campaign by news. But perhaps the biggest issue people on four wheels have surrounds the practice of cyclists riding two abreast on the open road.

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Their commitment is remarkable. The film seeks to highlight this to dramatic effect as it follows fictional schoolgirl girl Cassie Cowan, nicknamed Cow. She and her friends are involved in a horrific car crash after she loses concentration behind the wheel while texting. A four-minute taster clip of the film, generally known as COW, has been seen by millions of viewers on YouTube, and has gained global attention.

Recognising that many people are killed or seriously injured on our roads, the show aims to positively influence those drivers who are about to start out on what will hopefully be a long and safe motoring career. Engrossed in her texting, she is involved first in one crash before her car is then broadsided by another. You have seen far worse in movies and with far less good intent.

But if it even makes one person think twice, or even once, about the consequences, then any amount of graphic content is to be applauded.

Cycling: the death toll

Van driver caught swerving into cyclist in helmet-cam video After the leader of the group confronted him about his behaviour he chased after him, hit his bike and knocked him off into a hedge during the incident on 26 July last year. Prosecutor Peter Bettany told the court: This seemed to annoy the defendant even more and he drove within inches of the lead rider eventually hitting his back tyre and sending him off his bike and into the side of the road. He will play sixth seed Marin Cilic in the semi-final.

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Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get Daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Dozens of cyclists dressed only in shoes and helmets have taken to the streets of Exeter as the city’s naked bike ride hits the road.

About 40 people are taking part in this year’s event, which left from Trew’s Weir at 1pm. Before setting off, organiser Graham Mays held a minute’s silence for those who have been killed on the roads while riding bikes. Naked cyclists line up at Trews Weir in Exeter Participants were also encouraged to lay a red flower on the ground in memory of lost ones. The cyclists then gathered on their bikes – and one particularly brave man on a unicycle – before setting off on their trip.

We do it naked because people see us naked and ask ‘what are they doing? Read More “When you have clothes on you’re so cloistered – you just want to get them off again, particularly in this weather. Here’s the map of the route: Exeter’s Naked Bike Ride Why are they doing it? Those that take part in the ride do so to raise awareness of the vulnerability of cyclists, to highlight the lack of facilities for cyclists, to oppose oil dependency, to support the use of sustainable transport, to endorse the joys of cycling and to promote body image and the ‘joys of nudity’.

The event, one of many held in cities across the world, aims to promote the benefits of cycling over driving and be a fun way of highlighting how exposed and vulnerable cyclists feel in built-up areas, said one of the organisers Graham May. Read More What are the rules for taking part?

Site to report dodgy bikes