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Posted by Peter Leeson on October 26, at An Economic Tour of the Weird The tour starts today! Listen to what a few of the first tour-goers had to say: It’s strange, it’s fascinating, and it’s one of the most original books I’ve ever read. Peter Leeson displays his unique talent: Levitt, coauthor of Freakonomics “A fascinating tour of the world’s strangest customs and behaviors, led by a brilliant, funny, and eccentric tour guide. It’s okay to gawk, he says, but it’s even better to empathize and, armed with Leeson’s insights, there’s no reason why we can’t do both. A distinguished economist, historian, and rhetorician, McCloskey has written a score of books and over four hundred scholarly pieces on topics ranging from technical economics and statistical theory to transgender advocacy and the ethics of the bourgeois virtues. In its fitful development after , “liberalism,” from a liberalitas long understoond by the slave-holding ancients as “the leading characteristic of a non-slavish person,” came to mean the theory of society consisting entirely of free people. No slaves at all.


Home Standards of conduct The GMU Code of Conduct is the basic criterion of behavior that represents a standard of Christ-like character for all who are a part of the university community. Recognizing that involvement in the service of Christ requires personal commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, GMU expects the members of its community to develop a consistent program leading to spiritual growth and maturity.

Such a program should include: A consistent personal study of the Bible is essential for spiritual growth 1 Pet. All members of the GMU community should be involved in intentional discipleship. All members of the GMU community should establish a church home and regularly attend worship services Heb.

Do NOT Split Purchases. A split purchases occurs when more than one transaction takes place back to back for the same item or with the same vendor.

The telescope, complete with the original wood packing crates for the optical tube assembly and German Mount Head, arrived on 18 August from a collector in Belgium. After nearly four weeks of work we completed our illustrated article explaining these telescopes, and now this 4 inch telescope joins our other Unitron telescopes at our on-line virtual museum.

The article Unitron Model – 4. Click on image to see enlarged view 64, bytes In time we hope to add some optional accessories for the 4 inch telescope including the Unitron mechanical clock drive, a weight-driven motor based on the mechanics of a clock but geared to rotate the telescope Right Ascension axis about once every 24 hours. We already have some offers of help to add some other hard-to-find accessories for this telescope, these will be acquired over time for our exhibits.

While many other people no doubt have accumulated extensive collections of telescopes, including Unitron and Polarex, we know of no where else where the public is welcome to visit and can be so impressed by the presence of those telescopes that helped to stimulate interest at the beginning of the space age as at Company Seven.

Each article we host about Unitron telescopes already in our display explains the history of these telescopes and of Nihon Seiko Kenkyusho, Ltd. We expanded our introductory index page of our Unitron section to explain how these telescopes were marketed around much of the world under the various trademarks: Look for a new presence of new Lunt Engineering Changes in August This late production antique instrument is in uncommonly good condition, with some components still wrapped and unused as they were sent from the Nihon Seiko factory in Japan.

The set underwent conservation and preparation to join our exhibit on 27 August alongside its smaller cousins, our Unitron Model – 3. Concurrently, we are preparing an illustrated article so that this 4 inch telescope will join our other Unitron telescopes at our on-line virtual museum as well. We intend to add a snapshot of this filter to our on-line explanation of these filters.

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Statesman’s Yearbook Online Provides concise geographic, historical, economic, political, social and cultural overviews of each country in the world; and biographical profiles of current and key past leaders. Incorporates statistics from major international organizations with a tool for comparing a wide range of data fields across all countries of the world. Content includes conference proceedings, reports of international women’s organizations, essays, diaries, letters, and memoirs of international women activists dating as far back as the middle nineteenth century.

Founded in , Sciences Po is France’s leading university in the social sciences. It offers a wide variety of courses of study in French, English, and multiple other languages. The university offers a multidisciplinary, multilingual, and outward looking education.

In an era when most people simply use the cameras that are part of their smartphones, these vintage devices have particular appeal and charm. They are a reminder that photography once required significantly more time and effort than it does today, and they are often technological marvels and things of beauty. The cameras in the exhibit date from the mid s to the mid-to-late s, when digital photography had largely supplanted film but camera phones had not yet achieved their current ubiquity.

The earliest piece of equipment is a large lens dating from the mid th century that belonged to renowned Civil War photographer Matthew Brady. It is only a small piece of the large apparatus that Brady or members of his Washington, D. By the s and s, when the Kodak No. The front of the Brownie from the late s s has a design on the front that almost looks Art Deco-inspired, demonstrating that photographic equipment could be both decorative and functional.

Likewise, the sleek design of the s Brownie reflects the aesthetic of the early space age. Cameras were not just used to create art and document moments; they are art objects and reflections of their times. The Mamiya cameras are excellent examples of how the design of cameras changed their size and looks as new features and gadgets were added.

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For the past 2 months or so we’ve been texted basically all day everyday then out of nowhere she stopped replying to my text about Wednesday of last week but she came over to hang out on Friday of that week and she sat next to me and cuddled with me, and she’s essentially ghosted me since then. Some back story on her. She was engaged to this guy but about a year ago she felt like the relationship wasn’t right so she broke it off and he ended up coming out as gay, which messed with her trust in men and relationships since he was lying to her the whole time.

Which is why I’ve taken things so slow with her. Overall she’s been sending me very mixed signals, sometimes it seems like she like me and other times I think she just wants to be friends. And I’ve talked with her room mate about it and her roommate told me that she’s talked with her about and she kind of just avoids the question of whether she like me or not, but she told me that she hasn’t been this way with a guy in a long time.

But the fact remains that sexual and dating violence is prevalent across the country. At Mason, Sexual Assault Services, headed by director Connie Kirkland, devised a weeklong series of events dedicated to helping the Mason community work to end violence against women and to honor its victims.

Derivations[ edit ] Many idiomatic expressions, in their original use, were not figurative but had literal meaning. Also, sometimes the attribution of a literal meaning can change as the phrase becomes disconnected from its original roots, leading to a folk etymology. For instance, spill the beans meaning to reveal a secret has been said to originate from an ancient method of democratic voting, wherein a voter would put a bean into one of several cups to indicate which candidate he wanted to cast his vote for.

If the jars were spilled before the counting of votes was complete, anyone would be able to see which jar had more beans, and therefore which candidate was the winner. Over time, the practice was discontinued and the idiom became figurative. However, this etymology for spill the beans has been questioned by linguists. By the term was being used in baseball, but the subject who “spilled the beans” shifted to players who made mistakes, allowing the other team to win.

By the term was starting to be applied to politics, in the sense that crossing the floor in a vote was “spilling the beans”. However, in all these early usages the term “spill” was used in the sense of “upset” rather than “divulge”. A stackexchange discussion provided a large number of links to historic newspapers covering the usage of the term from onwards.

Break a leg , used as an ironic way of wishing good luck in a performance or presentation, may have arisen from the belief that one ought not to utter the words “good luck” to an actor. By wishing someone bad luck, it is supposed that the opposite will occur. That compositionality is the key notion for the analysis of idioms is emphasized in most accounts of idioms.

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History Early timekeeping Before clocks were first invented, it was common practice to mark the time of day with apparent solar time also called “true” solar time — for example, the time on a sundial — which was typically different for every location and dependent on longitude. When well-regulated mechanical clocks became widespread in the early 19th century, [1] each city began to use some local mean solar time. Apparent and mean solar time can differ by up to around 15 minutes as described by the equation of time because of the elliptical shape of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun eccentricity and the tilt of the Earth’s axis obliquity.

Really a shame that one of your sisters is dating David Kanos. I know people say it all the time, but we really need to stick together when there’s serial predators.

The Native Americans living there, in modern-day Virginia Beach, were known as the Chesapeake tribe The planned destination for the colony was the Chesapeake Bay, but ship captains dropped them off at Roanoke Island. However, Powhatan expanded his territory and eliminated the entire Chesapeake community about the time Jamestown was settled. His seizure of the territory may have resulted in the death of any colonists still alive from the settlement, and of any children of those colonists.

The English who arrived starting in inquired about the fate of the colonists who had been “lost” for 20 years, but never identified any survivors. That claim is not supported by the research of Blair Rudes, a linguist who re-studied the Algonquian language for a Hollywood movie The New World. Whether the name means Great Water, Great Shellfish Bay, Extraodinary Protein Factory, or something else, the Chesapeake Bay has been an major source of food since it was created by sea level rise over the last 10, years.

It is not surprising that on his voyage up the bay and some major tributaries, John Smith saw Native American towns surrounded by palisades of tree trunks. The competition between tribes was not always peaceful; the protein resources of the bay were worth a fight. British Museum, The manner of their fishing by John White, Despite having a river filled with seafood at the edge of their fort, the freshly-arrived English managed to starve to death in Jamestown. Later colonial Virginians made far better use of the protein in the bay.

George Washington, for example, made a good profit from having his slaves seine herring in the Potomac River off the shores of Mount Vernon. He would preserve the fish in barrels with salt and sell them as food that could be carried back to Europe – or sold for the slaves in the Caribbean Islands, where most of the land was dedicated to growing sugar cane and food was imported including much pork from Norfolk.

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Derivations[ edit ] Many idiomatic expressions, in their original use, were not figurative but had literal meaning. Also, sometimes the attribution of a literal meaning can change as the phrase becomes disconnected from its original roots, leading to a folk etymology. For instance, spill the beans meaning to reveal a secret has been said to originate from an ancient method of democratic voting, wherein a voter would put a bean into one of several cups to indicate which candidate he wanted to cast his vote for.

If the jars were spilled before the counting of votes was complete, anyone would be able to see which jar had more beans, and therefore which candidate was the winner.

Recently, Christopher has been doing research under a National Science Foundation grant, collecting data on climate impacts to ground nesting birds in Costa Rica. In addition to this project, Christopher has worked on a project dating tree rings in the Klamath Mountains with the Smithsonian Institute anda project studying song bird adaptions.

Best Online Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Virginia has long been regarded as the home for storied collegiate institutions and thus quality educations. Prestigious schools like James Madison, George Mason and Norfolk State all have a host of online programs, be they fully online or a selecting of core courses and electives available online in conjunction with an on-campus curriculum.

A report conducted by CollegeMeasures. Grants make up Altogether, Virginia students have a slew of schools to choose from, varied financial support services and incredibly strong graduation rates and job placement stats. The state is well positioned for the next decade in higher education. The organization monitors distance enrollment opportunities at all of its member community colleges, both full programs and individual courses.

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Posted on by Richard D. ESCI submitted to the payment office a routine progress payment request invoice no. The contracting officer requested a new prompt payment certification on the invoice because she had received information that a surety had paid several subcontractors. ESCI was not paid. Environmental Safety Consultants, Inc.

Search All of Compliance, Diversity and Ethics Compliance, Diversity and Ethics Expand/Collapse Global Navigation What Can I Report? Interpersonal Violence (commonly referred to as intimate partner violence, dating violence, domestic violence, and relationship violence) can encompass a broad range of abusive behavior committed by a.

This policy addresses the ownership of, benefit from, and other matters relating to inventions made at the university. The fundamental principle of integrity resonates throughout all aspects of university life. Because the university functions as our Internet Service Provider ISP , we are bound to comply with state and federal laws governing this resource, as well as with the rules defined in the student Honor Code , Responsible Use of Computing , and other policies.

On the other hand, copyright violations, such as unauthorized sharing of music and other proprietary material, that stem from improper use of the Mason network and equipment flout state and federal laws governing the use, replication, and distribution of copyrighted content. Copyright Act Content owners and consumers benefit from a balance in copyright law Title 17 U. That is, the creator has a right to receive compensation and attribution for that work, as well as a level of control over its use.

This extension has inhibited the rollover of works into the public domain. Easier access to and distribution of content via the Internet has revolutionized learning, teaching, buying, and selling. Consequently, commodification of information made available electronically has resulted in greater pressure by copyright owners to control and be compensated for their content. These broad and dynamic changes undoubtedly affect how the law is interpreted by both the public and the courts.

Without the balance offered by the fair use doctrine, the financial and logistical impact of copyright on society would be overwhelmingly burdensome. But there is still a considerable gap between what the statute authorizes for face-to-face teaching and for distance education. Virginia State Law Chapter 28 of Title 2. Ownership and use of patents and copyrights developed by certain public employees; Creative Commons copyrights.

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Pichichero is a literary scholar and cultural historian of early modern France Renaissance through Napoleonic era. Her first book, The Military Enlightenment: The book argues that “military enlightenment” is not a paradoxical expression, but rather one of the most important synergies and legacies of the Enlightenment.

OU P PR ODU CT NOT F OR CHAPTER34 SALE Curiosity and Interest: The Benefits of Thriving on Novelty and Challenge Todd B. Kashdan and Paul J. Silvia Abstract.

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