Chinese Pavilion at Drottningholm

Share this article Share Princess Mary opted for an elegant loose fitting two piece in cream adding a touch of bling in the form of a bejeweled brooch. Rarely choosing to shun heels the Danish royal opted for a pair of stylish snake skin heels as she met with the neighbouring royals. She added a flash of colour to her ensemble in the form of floral shirt with red hues perfectly complementing her scarlet stilettos. The Swedish royal, 39, rarely chooses to wear her hair down and today could be seen sporting her signature scraped back low bun. A vision in white: Princess Mary was her typical glamorous self in a cream trouser suit and snakeskin heels The two princesses were almost a mirror images of one another as they chatted at a reception on Monday morning Mary opted for a cream loose fitting two piece while Victoria chose a traditional navy suit showcasing flashes of scarlet in the form of her accessories Mary also chose to wear her hair up opting for a twisted chignon style for her engagement on Friday. The two women could be seen chatting together at a reception before making their way outside to pose by Stockholm’s waters. Mother-of-two Crown Princess Victoria has welcomed the Danish royals to Sweden Crown Princess Mary shares a close bond with her Swedish counterpart and attended the christening of her son Oscar last year The princes also opted for matching ensembles in the form of navy suit. But while Frederik chose a burgundy tie Daniel opted for a sky blue one. The Scandinavian foursome stepped out onto the balcony to pose before Stockholm harbour Mary and her husband Federik made the short journey to the Swedish capital on Sunday The royal couples are thought to be close with Frederik acting as godfather to Victoria and Daniel’s youngest child Prince Oscar The fivesome made the most of the good weather and were seen enjoying a ride aboard the Dannebrog Royal Yacht at the Skeppsholmen harbour.

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Den stora revolutionen kommer den dag vi tar det verkliga steget in mot nanoelektroniken. Tankestyrning — ett nytt etiskt problem! Oviedokonventionen och andra europeiska regler har resulterat i ny lagstiftning i Sverige. Inget skrivs om denna katastrofala situation.

View Most Popular Cafes in a larger map. Kungsholmen: Bageriet Bulleboden Parmmätargatan 7, Stockholm Uteservering – yes; wifi – no I visited this cafe for the first time last month after my husband raved about it as a great cafe for good coffee and massive kanelbullar.

Leadership needs to be decisive and the todo-list is for sure longer than anyone would like it to be. At the same time, a number of interested parties are anxious or interested in the proceedings, which creates ample room for gossiping and rumors. This panel debate focuses on how to drive communication effectively in a turnaround. What must be communicated when and what must not be communicated – what are the formalities?

How do you keep customers and suppliers informed? How do you motivate your staff during the times when leadership may need to focus on questions not necesssarily related to running the daily business? The panel debate will be conducted in Swedish. Thursday, May 4, Light snacks and drinks will be served after debate and provide mingle opportunities. As ususal TMA Sweden events are free for members. Guests are welcome and will be charged a fee of SEK at the door.

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After entering the final round with a two-stroke lead over Brian Harman, carded an 8-under 65 to finish the Sentry Tournament of Champions at under , good for an eight-stroke victory over Jon Rahm. Became the third player to win the Sentry Tournament of Champions while ranked No. His week included an eagle on the par-5 fifth hole and two eagles on the par-4 12th hole, tying him at the time with Ernie Els for the most eagles in a career at The Plantation Course at Kapalua eight.

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The journey takes minutes. Student and senior tickets cost 72 SEK each way. A ticket for youth under 20 costs 60 SEK each way. Four children up to age 16 travel free with full paying adult. You can’t buy tickets with cash on board, but credit cards are accepted. There are multiple outlets at the airport to buy your ticket electronically. You can also buy your ticket e.

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Stockholm is often referred to as the Venice of the North. Distinctive red and yellow timber summerhouses occupy some islands while others remain totally unspoiled. A trip on the water, either in and around the city or to one of the islands, should be top on your list. Many tours include lunch or dinner and all give a unique vantage point of the city.

For starters, ‘gelato’ is not just the Italian word for ‘ice cream’, whatever your phrase book would have you believe. To create the authentic Italian gelato, artisans use much less fat in the mixture compared to ice cream, and churn it at a slower speed so that less air gets mixed in.. This contributes to a denser texture and more intense flavours than fluffy, whipped ice cream.

And like the Americans, Swedes enjoy sit down coffees and espressos in what is known as a fika. A fika is a noun, verb, adjective to describe having a coffe or tea with someone. Stockholm is full of cafes. Some are amazing and some are downright touristy and icky. I broke down a list of favorite cafes across the city by district. Some of the cafes are great to chat for hours, whiles others are great to work in, and some are worth the experience, even if short.

You will notice there are only 12 cafes on the list. I want you dear readers, to tell me your favorite spot and why and the best ones will be added into the list. View Most Popular Cafes in a larger map Kungsholmen: There were no kanelbullar that day, but I enjoyed a delicious, buttery kardamummabulle instead. Their grilled sandwiches are pricy around The salads are also excellent.

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S or Canada or something. Besides my list, Sweden is under extreme influx of immigrants from countries like Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan who are shipped into poor suburbs which leads to poverty and basically making the areas themselves a no go for people who differentiates from them west Europeans. February 2, at Make your hopes and dreams happen!

February 14, at

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Get around[ edit ] Taxi rip-off alert: Taxi drivers are legally allowed to charge rip-off prices as long as they are stated clearly on the sign. With the right comes an obligation to respect the privacy of people and the integrity of nature. It is important to understand the limitations. By plane[ edit ] Domestic flights are mainly for travellers with more money than time, and for the vast distances of Norrland.

There are low-price tickets, but they must be bought well in advance.

Sweden leaks details of almost all of its citizens in move that could bring down government

Naval officers scan the sea with binoculars, while standing next to gun mounted to the ships barrier wall Rear Adm. Anders Grenstad declined to give any details about any operation to track the vessel. The scenario is reminiscent of the Cold War when Sweden’s armed forces routinely hunted for Soviet submarines He said the military was not on a ‘submarine hunt, using weapons to combat an opponent’, and said at present the military was simply engaged in an intelligence operation Meanwhile a mysterious man was seen with a backpack wading into the sea and is also being sought by forces.

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This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. January Learn how and when to remove this template message Lars Magnus Ericsson Lars Magnus Ericsson began his association with telephones in his youth as an instrument maker. He worked for a firm that made telegraph equipment for the Swedish government agency Telegrafverket.

In , at the age of 30, he started a telegraph repair shop with help from his friend Carl Johan Andersson in central Stockholm and repaired foreign-made telephones. In Ericsson began making and selling his own telephone equipment. His telephones were not technically innovative. He bought a number of Siemens telephones and analyzed the technology; Ericsson had a scholarship at Siemens a few years earlier.

He was familiar with Bell and Siemens Halske telephones through his firm’s repair work for Telegrafverket and Swedish Railways. He improved these designs to produce a higher-quality instrument to be used by new telephone companies such as Rikstelefon to provide cheaper service than the Bell Group. Ericsson had no patent or royalty problems because Bell had not patented their inventions in Scandinavia.

Sweden wants to become the first fossil fuel-free country in the world – how will it work?

Truck is hijacked and driven into Stockholm department store Man ‘arrested and claims responsibility for attack’ At least four dead and 15 injured Swedish Prime Minister: It hit a pram with a kid in it, demolished it. The unnamed suspect reportedly confessed to the attack after being detained in Marsta, which is around 25 miles north of the Swedish capital.

Some reports suggested he had previously posted jihadist propaganda on his Facebook page and had images of people injured in the explosion at the Boston marathon in April Eight victims, including children, remain in hospital, according to Swedish media. Three of the victims died at the scene, a report said, while one died after arriving at the hospital.

The Royal Domain of Drottningholm stands on an island in Lake Mälar in a suburb of Stockholm. With its palace, perfectly preserved theatre (built in ), Chinese pavilion and gardens, it is the finest example of an 18th-century northern European royal residence inspired by the Palace of Versailles.

The first building was a simple pavilion with two wings in Chinese style. The buildings were prefabricated at Arsenalsgatan in Stockholm. They were made in the log cabin technique and shipped to Drottningholm where they were assembled. The pavilion was a surprise gift to the Queen from King Adolf Frederick. After ten years, rot had begun to attack the wooden frame and the king and queen commissioned Carl Fredrik Adelcrantz to create a new and bigger pavilion made from more durable materials.

The area around the Chinese Pavilion, Designed by Carl Fredrik Adelcrantz, construction began in and was completed in The architecture is essentially rococo and was intended to have an exotic character, containing Chinese elements, which were considered the height of fashion at the time. China had become a mythic land, a paradise, a fascination, to Swedes and every nobleman wanted to have a Chinese room or just some objects to get a glimpse of this fabled, but to Europeans, forbidden land.

12 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Sweden

Wednesday 26 July And now it’s getting worse. The brewing scandal — based around a leak that actually happened in but only emerged last week — could see prominent members of Sweden’s government removed from their post. The leak allowed unvetted IT workers in other countries to see the details of people registered in Swedish government and police databases.

As a follow-up to Tuesday’s post about the majority-minority public schools in Oslo, the following brief account reports the latest statistics on the cultural enrichment of schools in Austria. Vienna is the most fully enriched location, and seems to be in roughly the same situation as Oslo. Many thanks to Hermes for the translation from

Angelo Cafaro and Stacy Marsella The Socially Interactive Agents track invites papers on research topics related to the design, implementation, evaluation and application of social agents. Such agents are capable of interacting with people and each other using social communicative behaviors common to human-human interaction. Example applications include social assistants on mobile devices, pedagogical agents in tutoring systems, non-player characters in interactive games and multimodal interface agents for smart appliances and environments.

The goal of the social agents track is to provide an opportunity for continued interaction and cross-fertilization between the AAMAS community and researchers working on social agents. We welcome papers that present novel work and contributions on social agent systems, human s -agent s interaction, applications or evaluations of such systems. Submissions can address innovative, fundamental issues such as behavioral or cognitive models for autonomous social agents, as well as new application areas.

KI:s vice rektor Martin Ingvar under intern utredning

Becoming a citizen of any country takes dedication and shows you are committed to becoming a… Personnummer in Sweden 13 September, Everyone in Sweden has a Personnummer. This 12 digit number tags everything you do in Sweden to a personal record, everything from birth to… How to Move to Sweden 03 July, Moving to Sweden has never been more popular. Whether it is aggressive neighbours , people not… 3 mistakes you’ll probably make when learning Swedish 04 September, This is a guest post from Sofi Tegsveden Deveaux at Bee Swedish , …and how to avoid these mistakes.

One of the best, and worst, things about coming to Sweden as an expat, is… 5 emergency numbers to save in your phone 27 June, Being new in a country is always a bit weird and a little scary. Knowing where to turn takes time to learn, so here are a few essentials… Dating in Sweden 22 June, After living I Sweden for over 2 years now, it seems that most people move here either for love the most common or work.

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Pitepalt dumpling Swedish husmanskost denotes traditional Swedish dishes with local ingredients, the classical everyday Swedish cuisine. The word husmanskost stems from husman, meaning ‘house owner’ without associated land , and the term was originally used for most kinds of simple countryside food outside of towns. Genuine Swedish husmanskost used predominantly local ingredients such as pork in all forms, fish, cereals , milk, potato, root vegetables , cabbage, onions, apples, berries etc.

Beside berries, apples are the most used traditional fruit, eaten fresh or served as apple pie, apple sauce, or apple cake. Many of the dishes would be considered comfort food for the nostalgic value. Consumption of wine in Sweden has increased during the last fifty years, partly at the expense of beer and stronger alcoholic beverages.

In many countries, locally produced wines are combined with local husmanskost. Husmanskost has undergone a renaissance during the last decades as well known or famous Swedish chefs , such as Tore Wretman , have presented modernised variants of classical Swedish dishes. In this nouvel husman the amount of fat which was needed to sustain hard manual labour in the old days is reduced and some new ingredients are introduced. The cooking methods are tinkered with as well, in order to speed up the cooking process or enhance the nutritional value or flavour of the dishes.

Many Swedish restaurateurs mix traditional husmanskost with a modern, gourmet approach. Dishes[ edit ] Pytt i panna Swedish traditional dishes, some of which are many hundreds of years old, others perhaps a century or less, are still a very important part of Swedish everyday meals, in spite of the fact that modern day Swedish cuisine adopts many international dishes.

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