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Search Toggle display of website navigation Argument: August 8, , 5: Protests erupted in the Zimbabwean capital over alleged electoral fraud. As it turned out, when the results were finally announced more than three days after polls closed, Mnangagwa, the leader of the ruling Zanu-PF party, prevailed in the election, narrowly avoiding a runoff vote by less than 1 percent. The police have arrested dozens of opposition politicians and activists on charges that they incited public violence on Aug. The claim that rogue soldiers or citizens impersonating soldiers are responsible for the violent crackdown on the opposition ignores decades of political violence overseen by the ruling Zanu-PF party, of which Mnangagwa was an integral part. Indeed, political violence has traditionally been a tool employed by Zanu-PF to deal with both internal and external opposition.

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She travelled with friends who assured her she would be able to get a job as a maid, enabling her to look after her impoverished siblings back home. Today, she is one of hundreds of girls, many as young as 13, who sell their bodies in Harare’s seedy nightclubs, with their grubby neon signs and crumbling, once glitzy, decor.

Critics blame growing prostitution in Zimbabwe on President Robert Mugabe, whose policies, they say, have turned the nation, which was once an exporter of food, into a beggar state with unprecedented levels of unemployment.

Overview. Freedom of the press is restricted in Zimbabwe. The government has not yet aligned media laws with the country’s new constitution passed in , and, among other violations, media authorities arbitrarily deny licenses to community radio stations.

The verb to subjugate derives from the Latin form. It is held on the animals’ necks by an oxbow , from which it gets its name. The oxbow is usually U-shaped and also transmits force from the animals’ shoulders. A swivel between the animals, beneath the centre of the yoke, attaches to the pole of a vehicle or to chains traces used to drag a load.

Head yoke[ edit ] Oxen in Germany wearing head yokes A head yoke fits onto the head of the oxen. It usually fits behind the horns , and has carved-out sections into which the horns fit; it may be a single beam attached to both oxen, or each ox may have a separate short beam see picture. The yoke is then strapped to the horns of the oxen with yoke straps.

Some types fit instead onto the front of the head, again strapped to the horns, and ox pads are then used for cushioning the forehead of the ox.

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When the campaign started in late May, any such confidence would have seemed misplaced. Now the gap has narrowed to just three percentage points. The contrast between the candidates could not be greater. A dour former spy chief, he is implicated in much of the violent repression of recent decades. Chamisa, 40, joined the MDC shortly after its foundation 19 years ago and was badly beaten in by ruling party thugs. His only experience of government is a four-year spell as a junior minister in a coalition government.

The desire for change is understandable. The country has enormous debts, soaring unemployment, massive poverty and no working currency of its own. Most of the population have only ever known Zanu-PF in charge. But Chamisa has his flaws. If he is a brilliant orator, he can also be a wayward one.

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Zimbabwe Events of A man carries a street sign as opposition party supporters clash with police in Harare, August 26, Police abuse increased, and there was excessive use of force to crush dissent. Human rights defenders, civil society activists, journalists, and government opponents, were harassed, threatened or faced arbitrary arrest by police.

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As I write today, there are no clear positive signals emanating from the country. It is no wonder that one of the regime’s most outspoken critics, Archbishop Pius Ncube is quoted having said that with the way the situation is at the moment, ‘things can only get worse’. In response, millions of Zimbabweans have come to the realization that the regime is determined to shut down all avenues towards their future prospects.

Millions have realized that there is totally no hope for some positive change in the near future. The excitement that had been created by the Constitutional Referendum results over the efficacy of a non-violent transition towards a more democratic Zimbabwe has all but completely evaporated. As a result of the foregoing, it is no wonder that millions of young people have and still continue to desert Zimbabwe.

Indeed, the past five or so years has witnessed such a highly level of displacement that has no precedent in our nation’s history. This has led to an ever growing number of exiled Zimbabweans. At present, the estimated figures are between four to five million. A very astounding figure if one considers the fact that it is almost half the nation’s population of eleven million. This development has now led to a new word in the nation’s political lingo. That is, the ‘diaspora’.

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Fact Sheet July 20, More information about Zimbabwe is available on the Zimbabwe page and from other Department of State publications and other sources listed at the end of this fact sheet. He has remained in power ever since. In , the United States began imposing restrictions on U. During the period between and , the United States took a leading role in condemning the Zimbabwean Government’s increasing assault on human rights and the rule of law, and joined much of the world community in calling for the Government of Zimbabwe to embrace a peaceful democratic evolution.

While relatively peaceful, the presidential and parliamentary elections of July were deeply flawed, and the United States and others in the international community concluded that the polls did not represent the will of the Zimbabwean people.

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The flag has seven equal horizontal stripes of green, yellow, red, black, red, yellow, and green. At the hoist is a white triangle, which contains a representation in yellow of the bird of Zimbabwe superimposed on a red star. There are coins of 1, 5, 10, 20, and 50 cents and 1 dollar, and notes of 2, 5, 10, and 20 dollars. The metric system is used.

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Child prostitution in Zimbabwe soars