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We seek independent thinkers with a strong work ethic who are comfortable taking risks with new ideas, and working as team players. Interns are allocated challenging projects, in various functions across our businesses. The edition featured 2, teams from 32 campuses across India, Korea and China. Mahindra’s leaders provided the students with an insight into the Group, and an overview of the business challenges they faced in the form of caselets. Students selected caselets that were of interest to them, and after a grueling three months that featured multiple rounds, the winning team was Team Zealots from Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad. Growth Opportunities In addition to substantial empowerment and abundant learning opportunities, we provide significant opportunities for career growth. High performers can see themselves working in different roles, sometimes across businesses and geographies en-route to higher responsibilities and positions. Take a look at what some of our people have to say People Speak Jay Shah on his journey at Mahindra It was a leap of faith and I am glad it paid off Bharat Doshi on his long stint with Mahindra My journey with Mahindra is more than half the age of the company and much more than half my life

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According to the Penal Code, if any member of a group commits murder in the course of committing an armed robbery, all members of the group can be sentenced to death. Courts may interpret Bachan Singh as overriding other law when sentencing for offenses resulting in death. For instance, using, carrying, manufacturing, selling, transferring, or testing [10] prohibited arms or ammunition previously carried a mandatory death sentence if it resulted in the death of any other person under the Indian Arms Act, State of Punjab and Mithu v.

Terrorism-Related Offenses Resulting in Death. Using any special category explosive to cause an explosion likely to endanger life or cause serious damage to property is punishable by the death penalty.

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He was blessed with a daughter, who originated from the fire of this yajna. Jamadagni was the son of Ruchik Muni and Satyavati and had obtained the blessings of the gods by performing severe penance. Renuka and Jamdagni Muni lived in the Ramshrung mountains, near the present day Savadatti area of Belgaum district. Renuka helped the Jamdagni Muni in all of his tasks of performing various rituals and puja. Gradually she became close and dear to Jamdagni. After a while Renuka was blessed with another daughter called Anjana Anjana Devi.

Renuka would wake up early in the morning to bathe in the Malaprabha River with complete concentration and devotion. Her devotion was so powerful that she was able to create a pot to hold water made only of sand, one fresh pot every day. She would fill this pot, on the bank of the river and would use a snake which was nearby, turning it into a rope-like convolution and placing it on her head, so that it supported the pot.

Thus, she brought the water to Jamdagni for his rituals of oblation. Another temple of Renuka is situated at near Zamania , Ghazipur. Rambhadra was the youngest and most beloved, gaining the favour of Lord Shiva and Parvati and hence called Parashurama the sixth incarnation of Vishnu. These were young couples carelessly frolicking in the water with abandon.

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The State is renowned for its beaches, holy temples, and historic cities replete with immense architectural wealth and wildlife sanctuaries. The fascinating handicrafts, mouth-watering cuisine and colorful lifestyle of the people of Gujarat, are renowned all over the colorful lifestyle of the people of Gujarat, are renowned all over the country.

The hard work and civilized approach of the people of Gujarat are evident in every walk of life. Over a long period, Gujarat has been the abode of a number of settlers as well as conqueres- and amalgamated their cultures into its very own. It is believed that lord Krishna has left Mathura to settle on the west of Saurashtra, which later come to be known as Dwarka the gateway. Being a coastal State, Gujarat has had contacts with the Western trading world since Groce — Roman times.

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Visit us at blatterherbarium. It was established in in St. In , it was renamed, “The Blatter Herbarium” by Rev. Santapau, who served as its director for many years. A preparatory project for future Molecular Systematic work. Jan — Mr.

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Known for its scenic panoramic view, ancient caves, temples and forts, it is an ideal place for you to rejuvenate. Adventure lovers can give their getaway a spin by trekking their way to the famous attractions like Chanderi Fort, Matheran or Peth Fort. You can also enjoy water sports like river rafting and parasailing in Ulhas River. If you are a history enthusiast, make sure you include a visit to Kondana Caves in your itinerary.

The Templenet Encyclopedia – Temples of Maharashtra The following is a sampler of the numerous Temples in the State of Maharashtra. Ajanta Caves at Ajanta near Aurangabad in Maharashtra: A popular tourist attraction, these caves feature magnificient paintings. 5 of the caves are chaityas or temples and 24 are viharas, all in the Budhist idiom.

Mythological origin[ edit ] Samudra manthan or churning of the milk ocean According to medieval Hindu mythology , the origin of the festival can be found in the ancient legend of samudra manthan. The legend tells of a battle between the Devas and Asuras for amrita , the drink of immortality. During samudra manthan, or churning of the ocean, amrita was produced and placed in a kumbha pot. To prevent the asuras malevolent beings from seizing the amrita, a divine carrier flew away with the pot.

In one version of the legend, the carrier of the kumbha is the divine physician Dhanavantari , who stops at four places where the Kumbh Mela is celebrated. In other re-tellings, the carrier is Garuda , Indra or Mohini , who spills the amrita at four places. Therefore, multiple scholars, including R. Dubey and Kama Maclean believe that the samudra manthan legend has been applied to the Kumbh Mela relatively recently, in order to show scriptural authority for it.

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Rajasthan opens its treasure chest and presents all its mystical charms for the astute tourists. New Delhi Depart Report by 4: Time free for photo-shoot with traditionally attired Palace On Wheels staff.

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Thousands from all parts of India make the pilgrimage every year. It was taken by Robert Aske, leader of the Pilgrimage of Grace, in Pandharpur is the most popular place of pilgrimage in the Deccan, its celebrated temple being dedicated to Vithoba, a form of Vishnu. Robert was in a good position to obtain information, for the Mont St Michel was one of the four great centres of pilgrimage in Europe.

An unsuccessful diplomatist, his chief services in arms were the butchery in the north after the Pilgrimage of Grace and the raid into Scotland which ended with the rout of Solway Moss. Some Norman adventurers, on pilgrimage to St Michaels shrine on Monte Gargano, lent their swords in to the Lombard cities of Apulia against the Greeks. The ostensible purpose of his mission apart, of course, from those of pilgrimage and perhaps relic-hunting was that he might gain further instruction from Jerome on the points raised by the Priscillianists and Origenists; but in reality, it would seem, his business was to stir up and assist Jerome and others against Pelagius, who, since the synod of Carthage in , had been living in Palestine, and finding some acceptance there.

Yet the town is under no great industrial or other modernizing influence, and therefore stands in the position of an ancient shrine, drawing a pilgrimage of modern origin. Killian , who was returning from a pilgrimage to Rome, and here he remained until his death, having acquired a great reputation for miracles. It is the object of an ancient and famous pilgrimage due to the tradition that Mary, sister of the Virgin, and Mary, mother of James and John, together with their black servant Sara, Lazarus, Martha, Mary Magdalen and St Maximin fled thither to escape persecution in Judaea.

West of Bagdad, on the Euphrates road, in or by a grove of trees, stands the shrine and tomb of Nabi Yusha or Kohen Yusha, a place of monthly pilgrimage to the Jews, who believe it to be the place of sepulture of Joshua, son of Josedech, the high priest at the close of the exilian period. It has been suggested that it was originally a hag or pilgrimage feast to Jerusalem, of which there were three in the year connected with the agricultural festivals Exod.

Bridget’s saintly and charitable life soon made her known far and wide; she gained, too, great religious influence over her husband, with whom she went on pilgrimage to St James of Compostella. He devoted himself to solitude, prayer and the service of the poor, and before long went on a pilgrimage to Rome.

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